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    Rocky's First Birthday

    Well it's hard to believe we had the little "Rocket Man, Rocky" for almost a year. I told him we would have a virtual birthday celebration to celebrate this happy occasion and to take a minute to reflect on the joy these little creatures bring to our hearts....Unbelieveable, isn't it?

    Well on August 29th, Rocky will be one...officially probably one or two days prior to...but we will celebrate the day we found him...He was very tiny and lost all his sad. But, he gained a new family; one that loves him so very much and he is doing so well, thanks to all the love and advice from y'all.

    Please look for our virtual birthday party on line here on August 29th...Get all dressed up and post pictures of your squirrel family (all of them whatever species) and lets have some fun celebrating the value of tiny lives with big hearts! He was with me two days on this picture....and now today little babe; how I lovie him!

    Here's to my baby....Rocky....Baby Rocky 8 30 2017-2.jpgIMG_2762recropped.jpgIMG_3006.jpg sorry it wouldn't rotate
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