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Thread: i'm new :)

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    i'm new :)

    i don't yet know all of the standards for participating, but i hope to figure it out and get along well with everybody. if i goof anything up please let me know.

    i do tree work for a living (for ten or so years). i mostly climb doing removals, pruning, maintenance, storm damage repair, etc. in short i do everything there is, NOT just destroy the homes of our friends.

    on a very regular basis i come into contact with squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks, bats, owls, raccoons and misc other creatures that don't really appreciate my presence, but i always try to respect them to the best of my ability.

    so why am i here now then?

    i have rescued some baby greys and want to see what else i can learn on top of the stuff i've gleaned off other people over the years.


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    so glad your here!
    I wish you lived in Florida we are always looking for tree climbers as I live in the woods
    Just navigate the board as you like we never care how things are posted
    If you go to the upper left corner you can click on "NEW POSTS" or "WHAT'S NEW" or just scroll and look through the forum.
    Have fun and if you ever need help someone is always around.
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    I'm not poof reading any of this

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    Welcome! I'm more of a lurker but will say that you've come to a great place with lots of wonderful people to help you learn about fuzzbutts....

    I do have a warning............a BIG warning...............

    They will steal your heart before you know it!!

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    Not sure how much experience you have rehabbing but this is a link with a lot of great info. Its a couple pages long so make sure you hit the next page link on the upper right side.

    How old are your babies and what are you feeding them? Wed sure love to see pics!

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