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Thread: New to the Nation!

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    Hi, From Busters Farm

    New also very warm hearted people here. My name is Steve with Busters Farm. Just wanted to welcome you to the site.


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    I'm really not a dope! LOL

    Working my way around the Squirrel Nation is killing me hahahahahaha , I will post a new picture that I took this morning, There was a squirrel we call " precious" that was sitting on ANDY"S Lap. By the time I got my phone out one squirrel jumped down and another one stepped up for a peanut. I NEED a NEW PHONE!! LOL!, Andy's life revolves around these squirrels, He loves each and everyone of the squirrels on the farm. The farm is really a City Block of woods that backs up to a canal, with very little traffic their are several squirrels that live in the trees across the street but come over for breakfast & Dinner. I have told Andy about the Squirrel Nation coming down to Visit the squirrels for a weekend and he also Love's the fact that you guy's are squirrel people like us and will make the trip for the squirres.
    YES, Andy does look and act like SANTA LOL!
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    Hi, From Busters Farm

    I'm new myself and have found warm hearted people here, all squirrel lovers. Welcome

    Quote Originally Posted by FLbound View Post
    My squirrel friends speak highly of this site so I decided to join.
    Hello everyone! I have one 1.5yr old male grey squirrel named Clarence Onre'.

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    Nov 2013
    Hi Steve and Andy... its nice to have you 2 here.. and your squirrels are beautiful.. And reminds me of a version of my dad about right now.. he loved his bibbed overalls. lol any how just wanted to say hello and glad you are here..

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