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08-04-2015, 09:39 AM
Hi, y'all,

I am so happy to have found so many squirrel mommies and daddies in the Tampa Bay area. I now have one baby, which he is getting to be a big boy of 8 weeks. Hard to believe how fast he has grown. He was about 1 week old when a neighbor found him. Just turning grey. His name is Rocky..I know, I know, not to original but he looked like Rocky the fighter (not the Bullwinkle/ Rocky cartoon...lol) He has so much personality that he cracks me up all the time. I would love to meet and greet anyone that is interested in the Tampa area. Pick their brains is what I really want...lol

Should any of you have too many to care for...I am available. Please private message me. I have the time.

Thanks for starting this Forum, many things are learned and the support is outstanding.

08-04-2015, 09:53 AM
:hellowave kkatt5 and :welcome to Squirrel Nation!! :bounce

You're hooked now! Once you experience 'squirrel love' there's no turning back! My hubby and I use to sit outside feeding nuts to the wilds and I made the remark "wouldn't you just love to pet them and give them kisses".....then we got George...my life has never been the same and wouldn't change it for the world.

Can't wait to see pictures of Rocky, they are so darn cute at this age. Ask away and we will help any way we can.
If you have trouble getting around just ask one of the admins and we can help.

Welcome little Rocky :heart:heart:heart

08-04-2015, 10:10 AM
Here is my Boy,

08-04-2015, 10:16 AM
Oh momma...you've done a wonderful job on this handsome little man! He is just adorable!
I love the picture of him sleeping on his back...looks so comfy.

kisses Rocky!! I just love babies :love

08-04-2015, 11:20 AM
:welcome1 He sure is a cutie pie!

Charley Chuckles
08-04-2015, 11:22 AM
:welcome1 so glad you joined and what a handsome boy love the pics :bounce:bounce:bounce

08-04-2015, 11:48 AM
thank you for the welcome Charley Chuckles and squirrelmommy22. Love seeing and reading your posts on your babies.

08-04-2015, 01:18 PM
What handsome boy!

Excellent job mom!

08-04-2015, 06:53 PM
:think kkatt5 I think I might know you. :laff9

:welcome1 To Squirrel Nation

That is a CUTE baby you have there. :ggrin We're glad to have you as a member. I'm look forward to getting to know you. :ythumbsup

Charley Chuckles
08-05-2015, 08:19 AM
I love the one where he is sleeping on his back :luvit

08-05-2015, 04:33 PM
:welcome1 kkatt5 glad to see you here. Your little Rocky is adorable. They are the sweetest and most loving little beings ever.
Enjoy your little man and I look forward to seeing more pictures of him. :heart

Analieses mom
08-05-2015, 08:41 PM
Well hi, glad to have u here .:ythumbsup:ghug